Business Law

First Legal is a law firm that serves South Florida’s small businesses. We all start as a small business so we understand the unique needs faced by South Florida’s entrepreneurs as well as the need to control costs whenever possible. We provide affordable and effective legal representation in the following areas.

Business Formation

While Florida makes it easy to file a business registration online, these stock forms are often less than ideal. Just as each business is unique, the liability protection, capital structure, and flexibility needed for each business will vary. We help businesses structure themselves in a way that affords maximum legal protection while promoting growth opportunities. We also assist business owners in following the ongoing legal formalities and requirements needed to support the operations of the business.


Businesses have a constant need to enter into contracts with suppliers, service providers, and customers. Whether the contract is for a major capital purchase or routine inventory restocking, it’s critical to have contracts that provide protection from mishaps such as late deliveries or disputes about terms. While contracts will be performed smoothly the majority of the time, a properly drafted contract can potentially save thousands of dollars in losses and legal fees in the event of a dispute.

Business Disputes

When there is a breach of contract, an unpaid invoice, or a disagreement with a third party, business owners can spend a countless amount of time and effort trying to handle the dispute at the expense of running their business. At First Legal we allow you to stay focused on your business while we work to protect your legal interests. We will work diligently to reach a negotiated a resolution or to represent you in court.

Call First Legal to schedule a free consultation with an experienced business law attorney. We serve all of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.